Kadija African Hair Braiding Cincinnati OH

2762 W North Bend Rd

Cincinnati, Ohio

Phone : (513) 233-7267

Customer Care : 1-888-41-BRAID (888 412-7243)

Centuries ago, in West Africa, the techniques of natural Hair Braiding were created by our grand, grand, grand mums. They perfected, mastered and trained their daughters to the unique Art of Crafting Hairs in Motions, Patterns and Twists. Generations after generations, the tradition prevailed, along with it the Secret Bits and Pieces that mums would jealously show to their daughters only.

My name is Kadija, Welcome to Kadija African Hair Braiding in Cincinnati Ohio, your new braider in town originating from Senegal, country where the famous Senegalese Twist have been invented.
 I do African Hair Braids Styles (only) the true African ways.

Adults or Kids, Regular or Short hairs, last minute or planned appointment, whether you are an Early Bird (8am) or a Night Owl (9pm), Existing customer or new one, ... I cover it. Senegalese Braids, Box Braids, Kinky Braids, Cornrows, ... you name it.

I strive to provide Quality Braidings combined with Professional Ways of Working. You can join my Customer Care Service by calling at 1-888 41 BRAID or sending an email at info@kadijahair.com

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